"Oh, hello. You're looking quite... purple today."


Name: Echo Xan’Tai
Career Path: Navigator Rank 1

Weapon Skill: 40
Ballistic Skill: 25
Strength: 25
Toughness: 40
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 35
Perception: 45
Willpower: 53
Fellowship: 25

Talents & Traits
Navis Nobilite Nomadic House: Xan’Tai
A Taste for the Warp
Scorn of the Dirt Dwellers
Talented (Navigation [Warp])
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Resistance (Fear)

Awareness 45
Barter 12
Carouse 20
Charm 12
Cyphers (Navis Nobilite) 35
Climb 12
Command 12
Common Lore (Navis Nobilite) 35
Concealment 20
Contortionist 20
Deceive 20
Disguise 12
Dodge 20
Evaluate 17
Forbidden Lore (Navigators) 35
Forbidden Lore (Warp) 55
Gamble 17
Inquiry 12
Intimidate 12
Literacy 35
Logic 17
Navigation (Warp) 45
Navigation (Stellar) 35
Pilot (Spacecraft) 20
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) 35
Scrutiny 22
Search 22
Silent Move 20
Speak Language (Ship Dialect) 17
Speak Language (High Gothic) 17
Speak Language (Low Gothic) 17
Swim 17

Navigator Powers
The Lidless Stare
The Course Untraveled

Eyes as Dark as the Void

Wounds: 14
Insanity Points: 10


The daughter of a Navigator of House Xan’Tai that died giving birth, Echo was born on a space-faring ship named the Magesterum Vox, and spent many of her formative years aboard as it struggled to make its way back to Holy Terra to deliver both her and a young psycher-in-training to their respective houses. The long years of exposure to warp energy gave Echo an unsettling air, letting her see into and through the warp, watching figments and figures that were not there. In some ways, she was deemed slightly prescient, with the ability to predict warp storms and see through lies with frightening clarity; in other ways, she was thought to be dangerously warped, and spent most of her time with the ship’s Astropath Transcendant, who tried to instill in her a sense of cautious fear of her abilities, and the warning to never misuse them and risk something following her though the warp. She was given the name Echo by the ship’s crew, for her strange way of appearing out of nowhere to parrot back their words, even if she was nowhere to be found seconds before.

Eventually, the ship made its way to Terra and Echo was released to the custody of the Navis Nobilite, who saw her warp-changed eyes and strange moods and sent her off for training on board one of the Xan’Tai Nobilite ships that plied the warp. Owing to her birth, she had always felt more comfortable in the void than on the ground; she went gladly, and became one of the House’s most powerful Navigators despite her young age. However, her unsettling personality drove away her peers, and in her few moments of sanity, she knew she would always be an outsider amongst outsiders no matter what she did. Predictably, once her formal training was finished she was shipped off to Navigate for a prestigious Rogue Trader, who captained the Wrath of Aries, a reliquary ship with a reputation for trouble.

Echo Navigated for the ship for several years, and when the captain died saving the ship from a xeno attack, she stayed on and quickly fell in with the new crew and captain, Sif Reinheart. She found in Sif, and in the ship’s first officer, Duke Ramsey, a sort of camaraderie she’d never found with others. Maybe it was how they listened to her, even when she knew she was speaking nonsense; maybe it was the comforting presence of Yenna, her childhood friend that had become an Astropath in her own right and had sought her out specifically; maybe it was just that these people felt right, something that had never happened in her lifetime. Whatever the case, Echo feels as if she’s found her place, for now at least. Where that takes her, even she doesn’t know.

Echo is a young woman that looks and acts much younger than her years; most people mistake her for a girl barely out of her teens, though in fact she is over twenty-five. If she thought about it, she would probably chalk it up to her time in the warp making her appear younger than she is, or the fabled blood of the Navis Nobilite giving her long life as well as her abilities in the Immaterium; as it is, however, she doesn’t give it much thought. She’s used to experiencing things out of order, anyway.

Short and thin, Echo has long, straight black hair that falls down her back in a curtain; she often wears voluminous robes that cover her from her toes to her fingertips, and a veil that covers her forehead and her third eye. She goes around barefoot most of the time, and the cold metal of the ship doesn’t bother her in the slightest. Her robes have small silver bells sewn onto the sleeves and hem; the sound is known throughout the ship, and sometimes acts like a harbinger, to let others know she’s on her way. It doesn’t always work, of course, but people can hope. Probably her oddest feature is her eyes: All three of them (though her third one is usually closed to prevent things like horrific death) are black holes into the starless void, uncanny and disturbing.

Echo’s personality is both gentle and child-like – she gets distracted by things (real or imaginary) easily and often follows her own train of thought to its conclusion before saying anything, leading those around her to bafflement at her non-sequitors. In her mind, it makes perfect sense, though she does understand on some level how odd and disconcerting her actions and words are; part of her tragedy is that she knows she is crazy, and going slowly (or quickly) crazier – her fixation on xenos and a tendency toward whimsical and distracting fancies is part of how she deals with it. For the most part, though, she lives her life the best way she knows how, and is fiercely determined to bring the Wrath of Aries through the void, no matter the cost to herself.

Echo’s Theme: Poe – Five and a Half Minute Hallway


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