Memorium Vitae

All this Bullshit

Getting tired of it

(Personal log of Lady Captain Sif Reinheart, first of her name, Rogue Trader aboard the Wrath of Aries, former Bride of the Emperor, of the 13th lost legion)
=Info log 002=

You know…there comes a time in every privileged woman’s life where she can bow her head and conform to what everyone tells her to do…or…she can run from responsibility. I see too much of myself in Echo’s current situation. I ran from my responsibility, only to have it hound me across the galaxy. Our family was well off but he could find a woman of higher status to marry. Why must he follow me so? It’s not like he even cares about me.

Echo…is choosing to conform to it. She calls it duty and seems to think I don’t understand. I do. Probably more then she does. It is her choice and it is not within my duty as captain to force her to rebel as I did. I want no part of this arrangement and she may choose who she desires.

(clears throat) Well…more interesting things have happened since I last made a post…and had the terminal repaired after Fang had a field day with it. (A soft cooing sound is made somewhere near by) We have new crew members…and a dynasty starting up! Can you imagine…We are now quite the force to be reckoned with. Though I doubt anything will keep my persistent suitor at bay. The new tech priest we have brought onboard named Caellus is helping in the matter of which his assistance is greatly appreciated. (Sighs) I must sound strange. I haven’t had a drink since I got on this hulking mass of dead ships all priced together with duck tape, warp funk and I guess love. We seem inferior to the inhabitants on the ship and it is startling to slowly but surely piss me the fuck off.

Mother always did say I had my father’s temper. Even in the vastness of space I cannot seem to outrun her rulings. If father were back she would have never ‘sold’ my name to that blasted man. I won’t marry that pig. Father would have never allowed it and I owe it to the man who taught me so much.

I tend to get off track a lot so let me get back to the point here. I’m stuck for emperor knows how long on this blasted ship with HIM. I so far have managed to avoid him though some small grace and luck, only to be attacked by some fool woman who threatened my crew. I put her in her place and stole her pretty little rings. I shall have to use those in the future. I’ll get something out of her…I was called the mistress of crimson for a reason. If she has nothing else to give me, then fine. Her life is forfeit anyway. I do not need her hanging around and she will be disposed of before the days end. Her cooperation with the matter depends on how quickly I end her life.

(A scoff is heard) My mood has soured…not that it was any good to begin with.. I will update soon.

=end transmition=


Telin SergeiBraginski

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