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Season 1: Opening and Closing Songs
Official Opening Theme Song: In Time.
Official Closing Theme Song: 7 Seas of Rhye.

Season 2: Opening and Closing Songs
Official Opening Theme Song: The Man Comes Around.
Official Closing Theme Song: Illusion.

Duke: You know, in my thirst for vengeance I didn’t even think about that…Where DID you get this information?
Sif: It’s shaped like a phallus!

Caelus: See? Now we’re negotiating.

Season 1 Episode List:

1: Spoon ‘til Tea o’clock.
2: When life hands you lemons, blood for the Blood God.
3: Snake in a Cardboard Box.
4: In Search of Shadows. (Pt. 1)
5: In the Center of the Snakes Nest. (Pt. 2)
6: Speaking With the Fishies. (Pt. 1)
7: Chasing the Hummingbird. (Pt. 2)
8: Skeletons in the Closet.
9: Care Level: Zero.
10: Resounding Echo.

Season 2:
1: Homecoming.
2: Just Out of Reach. (Pt. 1)
3: Shotgun Wedding (Pt. 2)
4: The Horror Within.
5: Looking for Guild (Pt. 1)
6: Vulcan or Vul-Can’t (Pt. 2)
7: Interviews in the Storm
8: Son of Fang

11/10/11 — This Sucks!
Survive a round of Explosive Decompression. (Netton)
11/10/11 — Hasta La Vista!
Kill a Necron Lord so he can not resurrect. (Duke)
11/10/11 — Fist Full of Feathers.
Kill a Servant of Tzeench. (Sif)
11/10/11 — First Word, Sounds Like…
When without a body, communicate to the rest of the party. (Echo)

12/01/11 — Here’s a Flower!
Say something Uncharacteristically Poetic. (Duke)
12/01/11 — Threat Level: Midnight
Go an entire session without a drink. (Sif)
12/01/11 — Lo! And I said on to thee, hold the power button for 3 cycles.
Reconfigure the entire fleet’s systems. (Netton)
12/01/11 — Through the looking glass.
Enter a situation where the rest of the crew seems a little crazy. (Echo)

02/17/12 — Multitasker!
Attain another limb! (Netton)
02/17/12 — Pet Owner!
Replace one pet with another. (Sif)
02/17/12 — Ghost Hunter!
Follow a Ghost to its destination. (Echo)
02/17/12 — Forward thinking!
Obtain a weapon that you can not use this Level (Duke)

06/29/12 — Drink The Kool-Aid
Get Married (Sif)
06/29/12 — A Little Bit-O-Heresy
Discover Chaos Corruption (Echo)
06/29/12 — Come Get Some
Discover Fame (Duke)
06/29/12 — Just Did…
Have Sex [Finally!] (Duke and Sif)
06/29/12 — This is NOT a Toy…
Use the Teleportarium to get lucky (Netton)

8/28/12 — Balls of Adamantite
Bluff with no Bluff skill. (Netton)
8/28/12 — Set Collector
“Requisition” two new weapons. (Echo)
8/28/12 — Evac. Protocall.
Intimidate the shit out of someone. (Duke)
8/28/12 — Extra Marital Status
Bring up your old Hubby. (Sif)

1/22/13 — Second Floor: Invasion
Find the old Adeptus Mechanicus Project (Netton)
1/22/13 — ‘Eavy Metal
Use a heavy weapon to interrupt the gestation of a Tyranid (Duke)
1/22/13 — This is not the food your looking for.
Compel an enemy to attack its own allies (Zanatov)
1/22/13 — Meh, I’ve seen worse…
Make the crew fearless. (Sif)
1/22/13 — Bzzortch!
Use your third eye to fry the brains of a hoard. (Echo)


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