Memorium Vitae

Rok and Roll Owtlawz

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0031

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

It’s not everyday you get to find out you’re famous for saving a system you didn’t fire one shot for, let alone the entirety of the imperial guard. Apparantly for surviving, I’ve been villified as some kind of war hero, an example to all the young farm boys and girls willing to throw their life away.

Worse yet, I haven’t seen a single Throne in rolyalties! I should really think on getting a space lawyer or something. So yea, we blew up not one, but two Ork Roks heading inbound to this damn Forge World and thanks to the captain’s reckless (I’d say inspiring) driving, they didn’t even break atmo. Gotta give Doyle some nod as well. The boy can handle his ship and crew and they were made for this sorta thing.

It’s hard to believe that after we blew the roks up, that pompus fop Willhelm came around to blow his rocks off on the captain again. The little twerp couldn’t take a hint (or a hit for that matter). Still, I can’t feel like I got the cake on that one.

Seems the captain finally agreed to the union, can’t say she enjoyed it but, Willhelm when his way with his mistress and the captain got to walk away with her family’s honor intact. I gotta say that hanger on of his seems like a fire cracker and hopefully she’ll give him a run for his money.

After that awkward little affair, our Cog boy thought it was cute to frakk around with the teleporter … again. Remind me to stick his input into his output. He thought it was funny to lock the captain and I in her quarters in order to relieve some “sexual tention”. Well if it’s a job perk, I’m not cmplaining, but I know that things around the captain and I are going to be a little… awkward.

I’d never thought I say this, but thankfully the onset of Chaos aboard ship has put that grievous issue at the back of my mind. The captain and I are watching the monitors as we speak, peeking in on Echo tracing down more smoke. Oddly enough is seems centered on Gress’s room and the air vent surrounding it. This isn’t good. Yenna and Gress have always been loyal to the crew and captain and the thought of taint is not a helpfull one. We’re also dangerously close to Inquisition forces and if we’re found out… I don’t even want to think about it.

One joy may shatter a thousand sorrows, but it only takes one shit to draw a thousand flies…

Audio detected {Object/ref *. Hellgun_Startup_Cylcle}

Time to make like one of my movies and be a hero… I guess…

+ End Audio Record Subroutine +

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 3

{Open personal Log: Encryption level 3}

the end result of my gamble far exceeded my calculated successes. All of my permutations could not have resulted in a better outcome. Below is an accelerated timeline of the events as they transpired for reference.

Day 0 08:45 Ship time: Wrath of Aries advises final {Life Support} augmentations have been completed for all crew quarters. A cursory review of the {Self-Destruct Device}s placed on board show that are all offline and inert. {Pressurization} bypass is online, {Teleportarium} online and awaiting command.

Day 0 08:46 Ship time: Begin evacuation of atmosphere from all hallways and deploy emergency bulkheads. Begin crew isolation starting with bridge and command crew. {Teleportarium} is operating at peak efficiency, and moving souls as quickly as buffer can manage. Engineering staff and servitor staff isolate to {Main Engineering}. Beginning calculations with Navigation tower and navigator Echo for a jump to the Adeptus Mechanicus at Mars. Initiate Communications Blackout.

Day 0 08:49 Ship time: 90% of crew moved to personal quarters or holding areas. Xeno population accounted for. Non-essential area depressurization 100% complete. Ship lockdown officially delcared. Receive Communication from Captain Reinhart and Duke requesting further information. As expected bridge crew unhappy with response. Expect hostility within the next 3 to 5 system cycles.

Day 0 09:37 Ship time: Navigator Echo has advised initial jump calculations complete. Engineering deploys Gheller fields and engages primary engines. Security cameras on command deck indicate Duke has donned a void suit and is moving about the halls, 3 cycles earlier than initially expected. Future calculations will ahve to account for this unexpected variable so early in the calculation.

Day 0 09:40 Ship time: Wrath of Aries enters the Warp.

Day 0 13:01 Ship time: Duke has made his way to engineering and is attempting access. He is barred by the engineering staff. As he attempts a manual override I have used the Teleportarium to return himm to his quarters and engage private comm channels to Bridge staff to advise situation and expected arrival time at Mars and expected protocol upon arrival. Captain Reinhart advises crew to stand down. Emotional tone is elevated; expect physical confrontation upon next direct contact.

Day 5 08:00 Ship time: Commmand crew is allowed light duty operations on Bridge. Command deck partially repressurized. Remaining sequestered in personal quarters or Main Engineering until arrival

Day 15 07:12 Ship time: Wrath of Aries leaves the warp in the Sol system near planet Uranus. Navigator Echo has calculated a path that took two weeks less than expected, which is favorable. Crew is unruly and anxious. They have been advised by the captain that the ship is undergoing Adeptus Mechanicus business and will return to normal operation upon the completion of the mission.

Mars remains as beautiful as ever, the glowing red jewel in the emperor’s crown. Even from orbit, being this close to home is empowering. After a sterilization and blessing of the ship, I hand over the SCT in my possession, completing my mission, albeit 20 years later than initial expectations.

The station crew begin a complete overhaul of the Wrath of Aries, Restoratum operations are accelerated. I left the crew in quarantine except for the Bridge staff and native Xeno population. I advised the Adeptus that the Xeno population was a social experiment and must remain on board to be seen to completion. I departed the Wrath of Aries for a series of upgrades of my own, and to be debriefed from my mission and to undergo a full medical examination of my augmented systems. I took this opportunity to install a masterwork utility arm that was on board the ship and not in use.

The bridge crew purchased several new weapons and armor for future missions. It is my suspicion that they have not had access to this level of technology for a considerable amount of time, if ever.

Echo’s third eye seems to see what she calls “ghosts” around the station, and I ahve found her in unexpected situations and places.

Several items had gone missing and were ultimately located and returned to their owners, upgraded by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Fang, the captain’s pet Tyranid was put down by Captain Reinhart herself. Taking my previous counsel on the issue to heart, I purchased at great expense a Cyber Mastiff for her personal use and defense. It may not have the personality that the tyranid had, but at least I can be mostly sure it will not call down a hive ship upon the Warth of Aries.

With no further missions at this time, I have signed onto the Wrath of Aries as chief enginseer. The captain has hesitantly agreed. After a lengthy discussion, I believe she now knows that my duty to the Machine God comes first, her ship and crew second. That said, if I have another mission to retrieve a SCT, I will broker my own passage on a seperate vessel. A small favor to the crew who had to endure the last month or so at my will.

It is a power I had to use, but did not relish. It will take time to restore any trust or faith I had earned with the crew up until the moment of my “insurrection”. I hope to make it up to them.

I hope I /can/ make it up to them…

{Close personal log}

No Gain Ever Justifies a Sacrifice...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0030

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

Emperor’s Holy Throne, never thought I’d find myself on the Commisar’s end of a pink slip. I was ready to pull the trigger. Insubordination could have gotten us killed. I was ready to do it. Caellus stuck his mechanical finger (or something else) in the one socket he shouldn’t have. I’ve never seen a more blatant disregard for the captain’s orders and station. We have the beginnings of a dynasty forming and we can’t even keep our damn tub parked outside of the drive through of a doughnut satellite.

Cogboy had to get home… to Mars no less. The very system of technological civilization, the home world a wink away. You could practically hear the Emperor’s heartbeat, didn’t need to be a stargazer to feel it. But with Xenos on board and a whole crew of treacherous mutineers, it’s a wonder we weren’t splattered across the cosmos then instant we crossed Uranus.

If every captain is king of their ship, than the rogue traitors are a guild of Kings. And no king should have to deal with what Sif went through. She looked lost… alone, as empty as the atmosphere in the halls of the ship, keeping every crew member in their quarters like damn prisoners!

It’s not going to happen again. I’m the first officer, and human or not, I’m not going to allow anyone to undermine the captain’s authority again. We didn’t ply for a warrant of trade, the only means to gain freedom in a universe of locked status, only to have it taken away at every possible turn by someone who thinks their in the right. Captain’s ship, captain’s rules…

That being said, those damn Martians gave us one hell of a buyoff. Now I know what a Cadian Prostitute feels like. We did score some heavy hardware… should help us deal with any further “’problems”. I’ve got the manuals and I’ll begin simulation training immediately.

On a more somber note, the Captain had to put fang down. I gotta say looking back on it, I feel a mix of pity and … remorse mostly for the captain. I thought I’d be relieved but it just seems sad. I mean all the love the captain had (what little of it people would admit she had) she gave to Fang, a simple creature. Just like any pet, he had his problems and frankly, I think he would have worked out to be a good asset, assuming he picked up on fetching and learned to go on the newspaper.

I guess we just lost the most loyal member of the captain’s crew…

Cogboys set up the captain with a Cyber Mastiff as a form on consolation. It looks a lot like a pale metal replacement an since it’s cybernetic, I’ve no doubt Caellus already has some kind of kill switch or control override installed.

I wonder if I get to the Commissar and I pull the trigger, if I’ll feel the same way about all of this. I mean killing him won’t bring those men back. It would be a sweeter revenge to see an inquisitor rip his mind open and pull every last thought of treachery out of his skull. It might even save more lives. I don’t know…

Easy enough to say that I might just be a human, but I’m no grunt who’s just gonna lay down and die and take what’s thrown at me. Ave Imperator…

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 2
Hours after departing the Glorius Horizon

{Open personal Log: Encryption Level 2}

Glory to the Machine God for the calculated end result of our visit to the Glorius Horizon, it was far greater than my initial expectation. 62% better in fact. Had my last mission gone this splendidly, I’d be back on Mars now, or off to find another missing template for the glory of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Our would-be-assassin-turned-prisoner is dead. Assassinated. Captain Reinheart’s quarters were robbed, her very person robbed as well. Emmy didn’t see much, if anything. Had I been more vigilant I might have… Though I am still only human… To a degree anyway. It would seem the enemies of the Wrath of Aries move swiftly. I will be more vigilant in the future.

The crew seems to have otherwise adjusted to my presence, including some of fresh crew from the Captain’s other dynasty vessel. I hope they can adjust to the standards imposed upon the Wrath of Aries. Especially anyone reporting to engineering while I remain aboard.

I am profoundly sorry for Echo, as I feel my well-intended actions have caused a permanent rift between her and her house, of not the entire Navis Nobilitae. I should explain further here in case my actions need clarification later.

The ship of a rival rogue trader was docked aboard the Glorious Horizon which was identified by me while making repairs to the bloated, repulsive computer system. After a brief discussion with Captain Reinheart, I engaged the docking clamps for the vessel, and set them to a 7-day diagnostic to ensure that the Wrath of Aries not be followed upon her departure. This in turn along the customs of the Navigators, prevented the departure of the ship, and thus the navigator from performing his duty. Being of a more noble house than Echo, he pressed charges, in part due to the slight of his unlikely genetic mating with Echo bearing a suitable offspring.

Had I not been so cold and logical, I would have seen the implications. Or, had I not been so human, I would have read up on the entire law and political codex for the vessel prior to arrival, nor allowed my personal feelings to interfere with ships’ business.

Still, with the assistance of Thale Modar, one of the other genetic candidates for Echo’s mating, we were able to barter a solution that seems amicable to all parties. I am not sure if the tribunal accepted my adjusted responsibility for the actions committed, but when advised of the gross breach in their security, the remaining charges were dropped against Echo and we were allowed to leave dock with the ship’s navigator.

I have apologized to Echo. She seems to accept it. Hopefully I will not betray her again, unintentionally or not.

The captain’s pet tyranid has undergone an evolutionary upgrade. I advised again that she should be wary of the beast, if not outright destroy it. She seems unconcerned. I did insist on fitting the tyranid, called Fang, with a shock collar, and if it should ever become uncontrollable, we have options on how to address it, hopefully before it brings a whole hive ship of them down upon the crew or an unsuspecting planet.

Hull repairs were completed, telemetry systems realigned for the navigation computers. I’ll move on to enhancing life support in some of the aft sections next, and making sure the living quarters are up to code. It isn’t necessarily my responsibility, but I want to make sure the crew is as comfortable as the 41st millennium can provide with the resources I have at my disposal.

All in all, based on the hand I have been dealt, Necron or otherwise, I am far ahead of previous expectations.

{Adjust Encryption level: Priority 1}
{Close Log File}
{Open Secure Comm Link: Adeptus Mechanicus}


Stand, look menacing, repeat...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0029

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

[Warning – Local Atmosphere Detection: Contains High Levels of Carbon Monoxide]

Duke blows out the Iho Stick directly into the toxin detection port
Whew, well I never thought the one time I’d be ready to soil my uniform would be the one time I wouldn’t be able to blast the problem away with my Hellgun. I hate politics. I hate bureaucrats and pencil pushers. People are just numbers to them. I hate being a damn number, been a damn number since the day I was conscripted. Wouldn’t know what freedom was unless it was handed to me in a kit bag. We all have a job to do. I guess I hate being one amongst untold billions and my sweat and soul not meaning a drop in the bucket unless it’s in the service of the Emperor.

Duke stares emptily at the books splayed out in front of him, the Emperor’s Uplifting Primer and the Catechism’s Martial. He sits staring at a randomly selected page

Echo wanted this, I gotta keep running it over in my head. This was right for her. We overstepped our bounds being the crew, but it feels like we’re a family. Dysfunctional and hostile, sure, but still. Not gonna let something drag down our ship mates. Damn it. I wasn’t gonna let some council of politicians tell us what’s right and wrong on how our damn ship flies. We need Echo, we need the captain, we need everybody… This tub don’t fly on love alone, that’s just what keeps the recaff flowing.

Duke takes a long drag from the Iho stick
[Warning – Local Atmosphere Detection: Contains High Levels of Carbon Monoxide]

Shit. I can’t take it personal, I’m bunked across from Echo’s “breeding partner” I guess you’d call him. Thale Modar… When he accused the Captain of just wanting to blow everything up… I wanted to just jab my thumb into that Third Eye of his and scream at him about Emperor’s Landing, about the Tau faction and shit we defused there, about all the Chaos we sent back to the void screaming. The kicker is I couldn’t tell him anything, not without condemning us further. Couldn’t prove his damn point by sucker punching him either…

Duke pounds his fist on his desk, spilling his recaff

Frag it! Ugh We’ve done some Emperor Damned good in this galaxy! Why won’t it matter worth a drop in the bucket come tomorrow? Can’t keep thinking like this, it’s just a cycle that won’t fix itself. I’m a soldier, I got a job to do.

Duke takes a charcoal pencil, scribbling in his bylaw book

We matter, we care, it’s not by the book, but it matters for something. Those nobles think we’re shit, but it’s by our toils they eat every day. I know we need them too, we can’t jump from rock to rock without the navigators… It’s so damn frustrating…

I know the captain cares, I know she’s scared. She’s frustrated too, I can see it. If you show your enemies that you care though, than you show a weakness and they use it to grind you in the dust. I’m not cut out for this job, but I know I’m like a leg on a table. Without me at least trying than shit’s just going to get messy. I know the captain took a big risk too. That bastard and his fancy boat. He’s lucky—- damn lucky—- Caellus only messed with his docking clamps. If I had a say that ship would be warp dust first chance it got. Sorry captain looks like the gamble didn’t pay off. Looks like we rolled snake eyes and almost lost more than we put in the pot.

By the Throne, Fang’s gotten bigger too. I don’t know if I’m glad or totally terrified of that! At least it’ll be harder for him to hide and he’ll just eat my boots instead of nibbling on them. Guess I gotta thank the Emperor for small favors…

At least we still got our legs to stand on. There’s gonna be some tension between the crew, no doubt about that. Hell, I’m bunking across from Modar now. For Echo’s sake I’ll try to understand, I’ll at least try to swallow my pride… For the Captain’s sake I’ll do my job and keep this ship in one piece… For Caellus’ sake… I’ll stay out of the way and not touch anything. I’ve done too much thinking tonight already, I think I’m actually looking forward to my shift…

“Though I am one among many, let mine be the single drop of water that causes the damn to break.”

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +

Duke finishes his Iho stick and reluctantly pulls himself out of his chair to start his shift in 5 minutes. Written on the book is what follows:


Across the page scrawled in graphite are the words AT WHAT PRICE?! In Duke’s haphazard scrawl.

The Ones Who Went Forth
To See What Fear Was

Once upon a time there was a boy who knew no fear. He faced the void and ran headfirst into it, sword slashing left and right as the daemons tried to cut at him, but could not break through his armor of courage. He carved a path straight to the end, and there he found a mirror. He looked into it, and saw fear for the first time. He tried to cut at the fear, but he only cut himself, and was forced to retreat, bleeding, as his fear laughed at him. That fear burnt into his head, and he felt it cut him deeper than the sword did, and it sunk deep into his bones where it haunted his dreams. His pride forced him to hunt it down, reveling in the blood of all before him, but deep down he felt the fear gnaw at him, until he was only skin stretched tightly across scared bones, and he never slept again.

Another one.

Once upon a time there was a girl who knew no fear. She stood at the head of the host, burning bright with glory and righteousness, but while she looked ahead the darkness slipped behind and ate up her sisters, and wrapped itself around her burning halo and dimmed it almost to invisibility. The darkness tempted her with wine and song and laughter, and she supped at the darkness’s table, for what harm is there in wine and song and laughter? But all around her the darkness deepened, until it was only her and the wine, and she looked into the darkness and saw herself sitting there with the darkness reaching up around her with pointed, poisoned teeth, and she could only close her eyes and will it away while the fear bubbled up inside her like acid. So she remained, eyes closed against that which stood in front of her, and she never saw again.

And another.

Once upon a time there was a boy who knew no fear. He ranged far and wide away from his home, further and wider with each trip, and his curiosity was endless, for so was the world; or so he thought. One day, he ranged out further than any had gone before, and the old bones in the ground woke up and assembled themselves in front of him, eyes bright with anger against this trespass, and he did not run. But the bones were strong, so strong that he could not break them; they broke him, tearing him to pieces slowly. But the boy was clever, and when they took a leg, he used their own bones to rebuild it, and when they took an arm, he used their own bones to fashion it, and when they took his mind, he took all that they were into him. Soon he was as strong as they, and finally smashed them all into dust, but it was too late, for he had become that which he fought against. And his legs stopped moving, and his arms stopped moving, and his mind stopped moving, and soon he was a statue standing in a tomb of his own making, and he never moved again.

And still more.

Once upon a time there was a girl who knew no fear. She swam through the endless sea, never shying away from the dangerous currents and eddies that tore through the water, for she knew if she rode them, she would go further than any other person ever would. So she did, and saw many wonders throughout the ocean that was her home, and met many of the denizens of the deeps and the shallows beyond the boundaries of home, though she always kept the sun in sight. But every day she swam further and further away from the light of the sun, deeper and deeper until she could not see which way was up and which way was down. She called and called for aid, but the sea drowned out her voice with its silence and so she swam even deeper, hoping that if she swam deep enough, she would come to the surface again. But the sea is everchanging, and so the girl swam and swam with her arms outstretched, hoping to find the sun again, and she never rested again.

Yes, at last. Listen close. In this world filled with terror and beauty, we must always fear, or we shall be consumed by it.

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 1

Personal Log:  Caellus Netton  Acting Engineering Officer for Wrath of Aries
Open Audio Log:
Repairs on the ship are progressing smoothly.  We are already seeing marked improvements to hull integrity and atmosphere containment.  I expect this progress to continue for approximately the next 12 cycles before a considerable drop-off in efficiency.  I will reassign the servitors to internal systems at that time, and prioritize engine efficiency and the telemetry systems for the navigation computer. 
Emmy seems pleased to be getting so much attention.  I get the feeling that other than the Captain, most of the crew doesn’t bother with her.  She has indicated she was very lonely.  For the most part she is cooperative with my efforts to make repairs, and she is interfacing with Serah’s remaining parts nicely.
Serah, Thank you again for all you did to keep me alive.  I fear I may have gone from a tough situation to one much more dangerous.  But you did save my life.  I hope you can live on now as part of Emmy.  The both of you are gentle souls who have seen far too much hardship.
We are currently docked with the Navigator’s mothership, a terrible abomination of interconnected space hulks; they are dead souls as far as I am concerned.  The place is a mausoleum, a monument of inefficiency.  Any dominant AI controlling the ship is neurotic at best and a paranoid schizophrenic at worst.  I have agreed to work to improve efficiency aboard the ship in return for assistance with hull repairs for the Wrath of Aries.  I may have over spoken my ability to make any lasting improvement for them.  Then again, it’s a miracle that it works as well as it has thus far.  The Machine God watch over them.
The navigator of our ship, Echo, is here to reproduce in an effort to optimize the genetic mutation that governs navigation for modern warp travel.  I have assisted as best I can, but there is never a guarantee when it comes to genetics, especially mutated genes.
The crew seems to be the target of some plot against their mutant and xeno population.  The crew was attacked in a bar aboard the navigator ship.  Having still been in contact with the ship rerouting and optimizing systems, I assisted in stopping the attack by altering the gravity plating around the attacker to near-lethal levels.  We have captured her and placed her with some of the xeno fauna that the captain has had in storage aboard the Wrath of Aries from a prior mission gone wrong.  My estimate of our captive providing more information than we have located is approximately 22%, but that may change should the captain be further interested in torturing the poor soul.  I was not one of the intended targets for the attack, which was to my advantage.  Further attacks may add me to the potential list of targets now however.
I await further instructions from the Adeptus Mechanicus regarding what my next action should be.  There are a lot of factors on this ship that may prevent me from carrying out my duty to them. 
The crew seems to have accepted me not only as a necessity but as a valued member of their team, which is somewhat refreshing.  I am trying to make the ship as comfortable as I can for them, and hopefully that peace offering will keep me ingratiated with them until such time as I must move on to my next mission.
I must return to duty momentarily.  Standby for additional updates.
Close Audio Log

All this Bullshit
Getting tired of it

(Personal log of Lady Captain Sif Reinheart, first of her name, Rogue Trader aboard the Wrath of Aries, former Bride of the Emperor, of the 13th lost legion)
=Info log 002=

You know…there comes a time in every privileged woman’s life where she can bow her head and conform to what everyone tells her to do…or…she can run from responsibility. I see too much of myself in Echo’s current situation. I ran from my responsibility, only to have it hound me across the galaxy. Our family was well off but he could find a woman of higher status to marry. Why must he follow me so? It’s not like he even cares about me.

Echo…is choosing to conform to it. She calls it duty and seems to think I don’t understand. I do. Probably more then she does. It is her choice and it is not within my duty as captain to force her to rebel as I did. I want no part of this arrangement and she may choose who she desires.

(clears throat) Well…more interesting things have happened since I last made a post…and had the terminal repaired after Fang had a field day with it. (A soft cooing sound is made somewhere near by) We have new crew members…and a dynasty starting up! Can you imagine…We are now quite the force to be reckoned with. Though I doubt anything will keep my persistent suitor at bay. The new tech priest we have brought onboard named Caellus is helping in the matter of which his assistance is greatly appreciated. (Sighs) I must sound strange. I haven’t had a drink since I got on this hulking mass of dead ships all priced together with duck tape, warp funk and I guess love. We seem inferior to the inhabitants on the ship and it is startling to slowly but surely piss me the fuck off.

Mother always did say I had my father’s temper. Even in the vastness of space I cannot seem to outrun her rulings. If father were back she would have never ‘sold’ my name to that blasted man. I won’t marry that pig. Father would have never allowed it and I owe it to the man who taught me so much.

I tend to get off track a lot so let me get back to the point here. I’m stuck for emperor knows how long on this blasted ship with HIM. I so far have managed to avoid him though some small grace and luck, only to be attacked by some fool woman who threatened my crew. I put her in her place and stole her pretty little rings. I shall have to use those in the future. I’ll get something out of her…I was called the mistress of crimson for a reason. If she has nothing else to give me, then fine. Her life is forfeit anyway. I do not need her hanging around and she will be disposed of before the days end. Her cooperation with the matter depends on how quickly I end her life.

(A scoff is heard) My mood has soured…not that it was any good to begin with.. I will update soon.

=end transmition=

Real Meat Meets real Problems...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0028

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +
[Audio Anomaly Detected: Mechanism Recraff Brew Station]

Whew, I gotta tell ya, that Cog boy knows how to prioritize ship upgrades! This recaff tastes like the good stuff, like the generals and commissars get. Not the mud-gunked tank oil they fed the trench sloggers.

Our current mission was a personal request of our navigator echo. Seems after pulling her little nutty, heading home seems like a good idea. Not that we could do anything about it anyway, I mean the way she pilots this tub in warp we could be there a month ago and back in time for tea. It seems she has personal responsibility back with her Void-Born bretheren. That’s respectable. A soldier should always think of home… As long as the Gates of Cadia still stand…

Ahem, anyways, if I ever though Echo was wierd, I take it back. I’d never say it to the kid’s face anyways. Not just out of respect, but she could warp my guts two planets away. Her home ship was full of crazies with an even crazier culture. I’d never thought I’d live to undestand the mystery behind the navigator culture… At least now I know I DEFINITELY won’t understand.

The benefit though… The navigators have some good gear to outfit the ship. I doubt we were fully docked with Caillus already pulling up a gracery list. On the plus side though, I can at least say I understand a little more about the Cogboys. They like messin with tech. Plain and simple. At least it’s not just our ship he fingers with that xenotech hand of his. He actually tweaked the “abomination” of the space hulk that made up the fleet carrier. It actually saved us in the end and anything that saves my neck is ok in my book.

Well we had a chance before everything went to shit to relax a little bit, talk to other Rogue traders and normal humans, grab some grub and a drink…
Can’t believe they had real meat! It was amazing, I don’t care what animal carcass it came off of! Seemed the captain was on edge though. Seems her rival’s ship was skulking about the port and he was running his mouth about her. I swear by the Throne if I hear that fraggin garbage come out of his mouth, I’ll slap it clear off his face. Captain seemed scared and vulnerable, not typical of her at all. Guess there is a heart under all that Bolter Bitch fury. She seemed to be warming up to me too… I don’t know.

Well, if it wasn’t Echo’s dating show, the captain playing cuddly, or the drinks… I let myself get distracted. Heh, it was probably Modar… Ugh. I swear it was like a fetis and a football had a baby and then threw up on it, then poured bleach on it, then hit it with a star cruiser…

Come to find out, that was the genetic best for Echo. Definately beats that arsehole who wanted to be parking his chimera in more than one garage. Captain sent him packing quick, good girl. I wouldn’t want a chump like that being navigator-in-law.

Heh, getting distrated again. While we were on down time, an indentured slave strolled in and threatened to kill the Captain and me if Echo didn’t surrender. Normally I’d think business as usual but something’s odd about this one. Seemed she doesn’t know the organization she’s working for, the slave collar was deactivated, and she had some tach belonging to high grade government assassins. Yea, like I said… wierd. We’re gonna have to watch our backs for now. Captain’s got our almost pancaked prisoner holed up in the Brig. I’ll double patrols and keep an eye out. All else fails, I pop the door to the captain’s private zoo and we get a free show and fluffy, poopy, and scruffy get an all they maul buffet.

Shift starts in 7 minutes, better go grab my grenades outta the automated dispenser on the bridge. Ain’t technology grand…

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +

Worlds Away On the Doorstep

“She failed.” There was a criticism in it’s tone. In the mist filled room it was hard to see any detail, not that it mattered. The Master was right, the would-be assassin failed.

“She overestimated her abilities.” The Servant replied, deflecting some of the blame. “The ones before were not able to fight back as well.”

“She was impatient, eager to use those gadgets and baubles we bestowed upon her.” There was a grain of truth in that, to be sure. She had acted like a child with a new Las-gun: too willing to do anything to see how it fires. “How does this effect…” The Master let the question trail off in the ambient void.

“Very little. She was a Rogue Agent, and this puts another plan into action.” There could have been a smile on The Master’s Face, it was hard to tell. The Servant bowed slightly.

“Good Child.” With that the meeting was over, leaving The Servant to see their own way out.


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