Wrath of Aries

Tempest Class Frigate

Designation: Wrath of Aries Class: Frigate Hull: Tempest
Speed: 8 Maneuverability: 18 Detection: 17
Turret Rating: 1 Shields: 1 Armour: 19 Hull Integrity: 36
Hull Total: 36 Hull Current: 33
Weapon Capacity:
Dorsal: 2 Prow: 0 Keel: 0 Port: 0 Starboard: 0
Essential Components: Supplemental Components:
Jovian Pattern 2 Engines Mars Pattern Microbattery (Dorsal Mounted)
Strelov 2 Warp Engines Mars Pattern Microbattery (Dorsal Mounted)
Geller Field Compartmentalized Cargo Bay
Void Shield (Single) Munitorium
Combat Bridge Teleportarium
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
M-201.b Auger Array
Voidsmen Quarters
Space Available: 42 Power Available: 45
Space Used: 42 Power Used: 40
Weapon Strength Damage Crit Range
Mars Pattern Microbattery 3 1d10 + 3 5 6
Mars Pattern Microbattery 3 1d10 + 3 5 6

A Nose for Trouble
Past History
Reliquary of Mars

SP: 4


An ancient machine built on Mars during the Golden Age of Technology, The Wrath of Aries sat dormant for a long time before it was used as a Scout Raider for the Adeptus Mechanicus during several of their cataloging missions. Eventually it was retired, before being salvaged for use of several new Dynasties for the Rogue Traders. Most recently: Sif.

Note: All of the previous Rogue Traders have perished attempting to save the ship.

Wrath of Aries

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