Duke Ramsey

Former Imperial Guard Sergeant with a second chance at life...


Height: 6’ 00"
Weight: 200 lbs (Heavy Musculature)

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: B

Service Record:
11 successful years of Imperial Guard service
Wounded 3 times
Disciplinary Actions 4 (minor deviations from assigned orders, all led to survival)
Promoted to Sergeant following the Ork incursion on Kaydar IV (Back Water Agri-World)
Received notable merit for combat survivability on the Imperial Shrine World of Kathur against Chaos incursion of Nurgle (See published text Cadian Blood)


Having been born on the hive world of Cadia, Duke grew up around the inherent violence of street gangs and faction wars. He was practically born with a gun in hand as he struggled to escape the confines of a world who’s only purpose was to produce soldiers for the meat grinder of endless war.

Figuring he’d die on the streets of the hab domes or die for certain in the Imperial Guard, he chose the lesser of two evils and enlisted. His assumption was to die with dignity rather than namelessly. He did fairly well for himself, surviving as a member of the White Shields, 14 to 16 year old recruits fresh to battle. He rose quickly in the ranks for his inane survivability and after a long roster of successful campaigns against the Emperor’s foes, he was given the rank of Sergeant and given his own squad to command.

During a particularly dangerous campaign against the Tyrandis, Duke’s squad was assigned a local Commissar by the name of Parish von Trask. The Commissar was actually a member of a local Gene Stealer cult that had infiltrated much of the planet and was routing the Imperial forces. He led Duke’s squad to a trap, a feeding pit for ripper swarms. He watched in horror as all of his squad was devoured before his eyes. In a matter of moments, the men, along with all of their gear were reduced to an edible bio sludge. Duke held on for dear life on the edge of the pit as the Commissar made his escape. Luckily the Adeptus Sororitas has landed to deal out the Emperor’s judgment on the local populace, which had been deemed unclean and tainted. There he met Captain Sif, who saved his life and brought him aboard her ship, the Wrath of Aries.

It is here Duke is nursing his personal Vendetta against the Commissar and probably presumed dead (KIA). Duke has lost all connection to the Imperium he once served and he is hellbent on carving out his vengeance for his lost men out of the Commissar’s Xeno hide. He is, however, torn between his personal revenge and serving the captain who saved his life and gave him a second chance.

His personality is serious but he is not above sarcastic wise cracks to lighten the mood around the ship. He has a dark stare that can reduce lesser men to muttering fools. He seems to have an aura of earned respect and handles responsibility well. Duke is not without his vices, however. He’s rarely seen on ship without a cup of recaff, a tabac stick, or his stimms to help him get past the long shifts.

Duke also has a fear of warp travel and he doesn’t work well alone in open spaces. He feels there’s too much room for a foe to get the drop on him. He’s most at home in the confines of the ship or twisting alleys of a Hive world. Sleep is also a dangerous place for Duke, as he suffers from constant nightmares. Often found waking in a cold sweat, he will avoid sleep at all costs, especially during warp travel.

Duke Ramsey

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