Memorium Vitae

Worlds Away On the Doorstep

“She failed.” There was a criticism in it’s tone. In the mist filled room it was hard to see any detail, not that it mattered. The Master was right, the would-be assassin failed.

“She overestimated her abilities.” The Servant replied, deflecting some of the blame. “The ones before were not able to fight back as well.”

“She was impatient, eager to use those gadgets and baubles we bestowed upon her.” There was a grain of truth in that, to be sure. She had acted like a child with a new Las-gun: too willing to do anything to see how it fires. “How does this effect…” The Master let the question trail off in the ambient void.

“Very little. She was a Rogue Agent, and this puts another plan into action.” There could have been a smile on The Master’s Face, it was hard to tell. The Servant bowed slightly.

“Good Child.” With that the meeting was over, leaving The Servant to see their own way out.


Telin Telin

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