Memorium Vitae

Stand, look menacing, repeat...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0029

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

[Warning – Local Atmosphere Detection: Contains High Levels of Carbon Monoxide]

Duke blows out the Iho Stick directly into the toxin detection port
Whew, well I never thought the one time I’d be ready to soil my uniform would be the one time I wouldn’t be able to blast the problem away with my Hellgun. I hate politics. I hate bureaucrats and pencil pushers. People are just numbers to them. I hate being a damn number, been a damn number since the day I was conscripted. Wouldn’t know what freedom was unless it was handed to me in a kit bag. We all have a job to do. I guess I hate being one amongst untold billions and my sweat and soul not meaning a drop in the bucket unless it’s in the service of the Emperor.

Duke stares emptily at the books splayed out in front of him, the Emperor’s Uplifting Primer and the Catechism’s Martial. He sits staring at a randomly selected page

Echo wanted this, I gotta keep running it over in my head. This was right for her. We overstepped our bounds being the crew, but it feels like we’re a family. Dysfunctional and hostile, sure, but still. Not gonna let something drag down our ship mates. Damn it. I wasn’t gonna let some council of politicians tell us what’s right and wrong on how our damn ship flies. We need Echo, we need the captain, we need everybody… This tub don’t fly on love alone, that’s just what keeps the recaff flowing.

Duke takes a long drag from the Iho stick
[Warning – Local Atmosphere Detection: Contains High Levels of Carbon Monoxide]

Shit. I can’t take it personal, I’m bunked across from Echo’s “breeding partner” I guess you’d call him. Thale Modar… When he accused the Captain of just wanting to blow everything up… I wanted to just jab my thumb into that Third Eye of his and scream at him about Emperor’s Landing, about the Tau faction and shit we defused there, about all the Chaos we sent back to the void screaming. The kicker is I couldn’t tell him anything, not without condemning us further. Couldn’t prove his damn point by sucker punching him either…

Duke pounds his fist on his desk, spilling his recaff

Frag it! Ugh We’ve done some Emperor Damned good in this galaxy! Why won’t it matter worth a drop in the bucket come tomorrow? Can’t keep thinking like this, it’s just a cycle that won’t fix itself. I’m a soldier, I got a job to do.

Duke takes a charcoal pencil, scribbling in his bylaw book

We matter, we care, it’s not by the book, but it matters for something. Those nobles think we’re shit, but it’s by our toils they eat every day. I know we need them too, we can’t jump from rock to rock without the navigators… It’s so damn frustrating…

I know the captain cares, I know she’s scared. She’s frustrated too, I can see it. If you show your enemies that you care though, than you show a weakness and they use it to grind you in the dust. I’m not cut out for this job, but I know I’m like a leg on a table. Without me at least trying than shit’s just going to get messy. I know the captain took a big risk too. That bastard and his fancy boat. He’s lucky—- damn lucky—- Caellus only messed with his docking clamps. If I had a say that ship would be warp dust first chance it got. Sorry captain looks like the gamble didn’t pay off. Looks like we rolled snake eyes and almost lost more than we put in the pot.

By the Throne, Fang’s gotten bigger too. I don’t know if I’m glad or totally terrified of that! At least it’ll be harder for him to hide and he’ll just eat my boots instead of nibbling on them. Guess I gotta thank the Emperor for small favors…

At least we still got our legs to stand on. There’s gonna be some tension between the crew, no doubt about that. Hell, I’m bunking across from Modar now. For Echo’s sake I’ll try to understand, I’ll at least try to swallow my pride… For the Captain’s sake I’ll do my job and keep this ship in one piece… For Caellus’ sake… I’ll stay out of the way and not touch anything. I’ve done too much thinking tonight already, I think I’m actually looking forward to my shift…

“Though I am one among many, let mine be the single drop of water that causes the damn to break.”

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +

Duke finishes his Iho stick and reluctantly pulls himself out of his chair to start his shift in 5 minutes. Written on the book is what follows:


Across the page scrawled in graphite are the words AT WHAT PRICE?! In Duke’s haphazard scrawl.


Telin Ziruas

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