Memorium Vitae

Rok and Roll Owtlawz

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0031

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

It’s not everyday you get to find out you’re famous for saving a system you didn’t fire one shot for, let alone the entirety of the imperial guard. Apparantly for surviving, I’ve been villified as some kind of war hero, an example to all the young farm boys and girls willing to throw their life away.

Worse yet, I haven’t seen a single Throne in rolyalties! I should really think on getting a space lawyer or something. So yea, we blew up not one, but two Ork Roks heading inbound to this damn Forge World and thanks to the captain’s reckless (I’d say inspiring) driving, they didn’t even break atmo. Gotta give Doyle some nod as well. The boy can handle his ship and crew and they were made for this sorta thing.

It’s hard to believe that after we blew the roks up, that pompus fop Willhelm came around to blow his rocks off on the captain again. The little twerp couldn’t take a hint (or a hit for that matter). Still, I can’t feel like I got the cake on that one.

Seems the captain finally agreed to the union, can’t say she enjoyed it but, Willhelm when his way with his mistress and the captain got to walk away with her family’s honor intact. I gotta say that hanger on of his seems like a fire cracker and hopefully she’ll give him a run for his money.

After that awkward little affair, our Cog boy thought it was cute to frakk around with the teleporter … again. Remind me to stick his input into his output. He thought it was funny to lock the captain and I in her quarters in order to relieve some “sexual tention”. Well if it’s a job perk, I’m not cmplaining, but I know that things around the captain and I are going to be a little… awkward.

I’d never thought I say this, but thankfully the onset of Chaos aboard ship has put that grievous issue at the back of my mind. The captain and I are watching the monitors as we speak, peeking in on Echo tracing down more smoke. Oddly enough is seems centered on Gress’s room and the air vent surrounding it. This isn’t good. Yenna and Gress have always been loyal to the crew and captain and the thought of taint is not a helpfull one. We’re also dangerously close to Inquisition forces and if we’re found out… I don’t even want to think about it.

One joy may shatter a thousand sorrows, but it only takes one shit to draw a thousand flies…

Audio detected {Object/ref *. Hellgun_Startup_Cylcle}

Time to make like one of my movies and be a hero… I guess…

+ End Audio Record Subroutine +


Telin Ziruas

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