Memorium Vitae

Real Meat Meets real Problems...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0028

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +
[Audio Anomaly Detected: Mechanism Recraff Brew Station]

Whew, I gotta tell ya, that Cog boy knows how to prioritize ship upgrades! This recaff tastes like the good stuff, like the generals and commissars get. Not the mud-gunked tank oil they fed the trench sloggers.

Our current mission was a personal request of our navigator echo. Seems after pulling her little nutty, heading home seems like a good idea. Not that we could do anything about it anyway, I mean the way she pilots this tub in warp we could be there a month ago and back in time for tea. It seems she has personal responsibility back with her Void-Born bretheren. That’s respectable. A soldier should always think of home… As long as the Gates of Cadia still stand…

Ahem, anyways, if I ever though Echo was wierd, I take it back. I’d never say it to the kid’s face anyways. Not just out of respect, but she could warp my guts two planets away. Her home ship was full of crazies with an even crazier culture. I’d never thought I’d live to undestand the mystery behind the navigator culture… At least now I know I DEFINITELY won’t understand.

The benefit though… The navigators have some good gear to outfit the ship. I doubt we were fully docked with Caillus already pulling up a gracery list. On the plus side though, I can at least say I understand a little more about the Cogboys. They like messin with tech. Plain and simple. At least it’s not just our ship he fingers with that xenotech hand of his. He actually tweaked the “abomination” of the space hulk that made up the fleet carrier. It actually saved us in the end and anything that saves my neck is ok in my book.

Well we had a chance before everything went to shit to relax a little bit, talk to other Rogue traders and normal humans, grab some grub and a drink…
Can’t believe they had real meat! It was amazing, I don’t care what animal carcass it came off of! Seemed the captain was on edge though. Seems her rival’s ship was skulking about the port and he was running his mouth about her. I swear by the Throne if I hear that fraggin garbage come out of his mouth, I’ll slap it clear off his face. Captain seemed scared and vulnerable, not typical of her at all. Guess there is a heart under all that Bolter Bitch fury. She seemed to be warming up to me too… I don’t know.

Well, if it wasn’t Echo’s dating show, the captain playing cuddly, or the drinks… I let myself get distracted. Heh, it was probably Modar… Ugh. I swear it was like a fetis and a football had a baby and then threw up on it, then poured bleach on it, then hit it with a star cruiser…

Come to find out, that was the genetic best for Echo. Definately beats that arsehole who wanted to be parking his chimera in more than one garage. Captain sent him packing quick, good girl. I wouldn’t want a chump like that being navigator-in-law.

Heh, getting distrated again. While we were on down time, an indentured slave strolled in and threatened to kill the Captain and me if Echo didn’t surrender. Normally I’d think business as usual but something’s odd about this one. Seemed she doesn’t know the organization she’s working for, the slave collar was deactivated, and she had some tach belonging to high grade government assassins. Yea, like I said… wierd. We’re gonna have to watch our backs for now. Captain’s got our almost pancaked prisoner holed up in the Brig. I’ll double patrols and keep an eye out. All else fails, I pop the door to the captain’s private zoo and we get a free show and fluffy, poopy, and scruffy get an all they maul buffet.

Shift starts in 7 minutes, better go grab my grenades outta the automated dispenser on the bridge. Ain’t technology grand…

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +


Telin Ziruas

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