Memorium Vitae

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 3

{Open personal Log: Encryption level 3}

the end result of my gamble far exceeded my calculated successes. All of my permutations could not have resulted in a better outcome. Below is an accelerated timeline of the events as they transpired for reference.

Day 0 08:45 Ship time: Wrath of Aries advises final {Life Support} augmentations have been completed for all crew quarters. A cursory review of the {Self-Destruct Device}s placed on board show that are all offline and inert. {Pressurization} bypass is online, {Teleportarium} online and awaiting command.

Day 0 08:46 Ship time: Begin evacuation of atmosphere from all hallways and deploy emergency bulkheads. Begin crew isolation starting with bridge and command crew. {Teleportarium} is operating at peak efficiency, and moving souls as quickly as buffer can manage. Engineering staff and servitor staff isolate to {Main Engineering}. Beginning calculations with Navigation tower and navigator Echo for a jump to the Adeptus Mechanicus at Mars. Initiate Communications Blackout.

Day 0 08:49 Ship time: 90% of crew moved to personal quarters or holding areas. Xeno population accounted for. Non-essential area depressurization 100% complete. Ship lockdown officially delcared. Receive Communication from Captain Reinhart and Duke requesting further information. As expected bridge crew unhappy with response. Expect hostility within the next 3 to 5 system cycles.

Day 0 09:37 Ship time: Navigator Echo has advised initial jump calculations complete. Engineering deploys Gheller fields and engages primary engines. Security cameras on command deck indicate Duke has donned a void suit and is moving about the halls, 3 cycles earlier than initially expected. Future calculations will ahve to account for this unexpected variable so early in the calculation.

Day 0 09:40 Ship time: Wrath of Aries enters the Warp.

Day 0 13:01 Ship time: Duke has made his way to engineering and is attempting access. He is barred by the engineering staff. As he attempts a manual override I have used the Teleportarium to return himm to his quarters and engage private comm channels to Bridge staff to advise situation and expected arrival time at Mars and expected protocol upon arrival. Captain Reinhart advises crew to stand down. Emotional tone is elevated; expect physical confrontation upon next direct contact.

Day 5 08:00 Ship time: Commmand crew is allowed light duty operations on Bridge. Command deck partially repressurized. Remaining sequestered in personal quarters or Main Engineering until arrival

Day 15 07:12 Ship time: Wrath of Aries leaves the warp in the Sol system near planet Uranus. Navigator Echo has calculated a path that took two weeks less than expected, which is favorable. Crew is unruly and anxious. They have been advised by the captain that the ship is undergoing Adeptus Mechanicus business and will return to normal operation upon the completion of the mission.

Mars remains as beautiful as ever, the glowing red jewel in the emperor’s crown. Even from orbit, being this close to home is empowering. After a sterilization and blessing of the ship, I hand over the SCT in my possession, completing my mission, albeit 20 years later than initial expectations.

The station crew begin a complete overhaul of the Wrath of Aries, Restoratum operations are accelerated. I left the crew in quarantine except for the Bridge staff and native Xeno population. I advised the Adeptus that the Xeno population was a social experiment and must remain on board to be seen to completion. I departed the Wrath of Aries for a series of upgrades of my own, and to be debriefed from my mission and to undergo a full medical examination of my augmented systems. I took this opportunity to install a masterwork utility arm that was on board the ship and not in use.

The bridge crew purchased several new weapons and armor for future missions. It is my suspicion that they have not had access to this level of technology for a considerable amount of time, if ever.

Echo’s third eye seems to see what she calls “ghosts” around the station, and I ahve found her in unexpected situations and places.

Several items had gone missing and were ultimately located and returned to their owners, upgraded by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Fang, the captain’s pet Tyranid was put down by Captain Reinhart herself. Taking my previous counsel on the issue to heart, I purchased at great expense a Cyber Mastiff for her personal use and defense. It may not have the personality that the tyranid had, but at least I can be mostly sure it will not call down a hive ship upon the Warth of Aries.

With no further missions at this time, I have signed onto the Wrath of Aries as chief enginseer. The captain has hesitantly agreed. After a lengthy discussion, I believe she now knows that my duty to the Machine God comes first, her ship and crew second. That said, if I have another mission to retrieve a SCT, I will broker my own passage on a seperate vessel. A small favor to the crew who had to endure the last month or so at my will.

It is a power I had to use, but did not relish. It will take time to restore any trust or faith I had earned with the crew up until the moment of my “insurrection”. I hope to make it up to them.

I hope I /can/ make it up to them…

{Close personal log}


Telin Rykael

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