Memorium Vitae

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 2

Hours after departing the Glorius Horizon

{Open personal Log: Encryption Level 2}

Glory to the Machine God for the calculated end result of our visit to the Glorius Horizon, it was far greater than my initial expectation. 62% better in fact. Had my last mission gone this splendidly, I’d be back on Mars now, or off to find another missing template for the glory of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Our would-be-assassin-turned-prisoner is dead. Assassinated. Captain Reinheart’s quarters were robbed, her very person robbed as well. Emmy didn’t see much, if anything. Had I been more vigilant I might have… Though I am still only human… To a degree anyway. It would seem the enemies of the Wrath of Aries move swiftly. I will be more vigilant in the future.

The crew seems to have otherwise adjusted to my presence, including some of fresh crew from the Captain’s other dynasty vessel. I hope they can adjust to the standards imposed upon the Wrath of Aries. Especially anyone reporting to engineering while I remain aboard.

I am profoundly sorry for Echo, as I feel my well-intended actions have caused a permanent rift between her and her house, of not the entire Navis Nobilitae. I should explain further here in case my actions need clarification later.

The ship of a rival rogue trader was docked aboard the Glorious Horizon which was identified by me while making repairs to the bloated, repulsive computer system. After a brief discussion with Captain Reinheart, I engaged the docking clamps for the vessel, and set them to a 7-day diagnostic to ensure that the Wrath of Aries not be followed upon her departure. This in turn along the customs of the Navigators, prevented the departure of the ship, and thus the navigator from performing his duty. Being of a more noble house than Echo, he pressed charges, in part due to the slight of his unlikely genetic mating with Echo bearing a suitable offspring.

Had I not been so cold and logical, I would have seen the implications. Or, had I not been so human, I would have read up on the entire law and political codex for the vessel prior to arrival, nor allowed my personal feelings to interfere with ships’ business.

Still, with the assistance of Thale Modar, one of the other genetic candidates for Echo’s mating, we were able to barter a solution that seems amicable to all parties. I am not sure if the tribunal accepted my adjusted responsibility for the actions committed, but when advised of the gross breach in their security, the remaining charges were dropped against Echo and we were allowed to leave dock with the ship’s navigator.

I have apologized to Echo. She seems to accept it. Hopefully I will not betray her again, unintentionally or not.

The captain’s pet tyranid has undergone an evolutionary upgrade. I advised again that she should be wary of the beast, if not outright destroy it. She seems unconcerned. I did insist on fitting the tyranid, called Fang, with a shock collar, and if it should ever become uncontrollable, we have options on how to address it, hopefully before it brings a whole hive ship of them down upon the crew or an unsuspecting planet.

Hull repairs were completed, telemetry systems realigned for the navigation computers. I’ll move on to enhancing life support in some of the aft sections next, and making sure the living quarters are up to code. It isn’t necessarily my responsibility, but I want to make sure the crew is as comfortable as the 41st millennium can provide with the resources I have at my disposal.

All in all, based on the hand I have been dealt, Necron or otherwise, I am far ahead of previous expectations.

{Adjust Encryption level: Priority 1}
{Close Log File}
{Open Secure Comm Link: Adeptus Mechanicus}



Telin Rykael

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