Memorium Vitae

Personal Log: Caellus Netton - Entry 1

Personal Log:  Caellus Netton  Acting Engineering Officer for Wrath of Aries
Open Audio Log:
Repairs on the ship are progressing smoothly.  We are already seeing marked improvements to hull integrity and atmosphere containment.  I expect this progress to continue for approximately the next 12 cycles before a considerable drop-off in efficiency.  I will reassign the servitors to internal systems at that time, and prioritize engine efficiency and the telemetry systems for the navigation computer. 
Emmy seems pleased to be getting so much attention.  I get the feeling that other than the Captain, most of the crew doesn’t bother with her.  She has indicated she was very lonely.  For the most part she is cooperative with my efforts to make repairs, and she is interfacing with Serah’s remaining parts nicely.
Serah, Thank you again for all you did to keep me alive.  I fear I may have gone from a tough situation to one much more dangerous.  But you did save my life.  I hope you can live on now as part of Emmy.  The both of you are gentle souls who have seen far too much hardship.
We are currently docked with the Navigator’s mothership, a terrible abomination of interconnected space hulks; they are dead souls as far as I am concerned.  The place is a mausoleum, a monument of inefficiency.  Any dominant AI controlling the ship is neurotic at best and a paranoid schizophrenic at worst.  I have agreed to work to improve efficiency aboard the ship in return for assistance with hull repairs for the Wrath of Aries.  I may have over spoken my ability to make any lasting improvement for them.  Then again, it’s a miracle that it works as well as it has thus far.  The Machine God watch over them.
The navigator of our ship, Echo, is here to reproduce in an effort to optimize the genetic mutation that governs navigation for modern warp travel.  I have assisted as best I can, but there is never a guarantee when it comes to genetics, especially mutated genes.
The crew seems to be the target of some plot against their mutant and xeno population.  The crew was attacked in a bar aboard the navigator ship.  Having still been in contact with the ship rerouting and optimizing systems, I assisted in stopping the attack by altering the gravity plating around the attacker to near-lethal levels.  We have captured her and placed her with some of the xeno fauna that the captain has had in storage aboard the Wrath of Aries from a prior mission gone wrong.  My estimate of our captive providing more information than we have located is approximately 22%, but that may change should the captain be further interested in torturing the poor soul.  I was not one of the intended targets for the attack, which was to my advantage.  Further attacks may add me to the potential list of targets now however.
I await further instructions from the Adeptus Mechanicus regarding what my next action should be.  There are a lot of factors on this ship that may prevent me from carrying out my duty to them. 
The crew seems to have accepted me not only as a necessity but as a valued member of their team, which is somewhat refreshing.  I am trying to make the ship as comfortable as I can for them, and hopefully that peace offering will keep me ingratiated with them until such time as I must move on to my next mission.
I must return to duty momentarily.  Standby for additional updates.
Close Audio Log


Telin Rykael

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