Memorium Vitae

No Gain Ever Justifies a Sacrifice...

Personnel : Duke “Butch” Ramsey, 1st officer of the Wrath of Aries
Info Log: 0030

+ Active Audio Record Subroutine +

Emperor’s Holy Throne, never thought I’d find myself on the Commisar’s end of a pink slip. I was ready to pull the trigger. Insubordination could have gotten us killed. I was ready to do it. Caellus stuck his mechanical finger (or something else) in the one socket he shouldn’t have. I’ve never seen a more blatant disregard for the captain’s orders and station. We have the beginnings of a dynasty forming and we can’t even keep our damn tub parked outside of the drive through of a doughnut satellite.

Cogboy had to get home… to Mars no less. The very system of technological civilization, the home world a wink away. You could practically hear the Emperor’s heartbeat, didn’t need to be a stargazer to feel it. But with Xenos on board and a whole crew of treacherous mutineers, it’s a wonder we weren’t splattered across the cosmos then instant we crossed Uranus.

If every captain is king of their ship, than the rogue traitors are a guild of Kings. And no king should have to deal with what Sif went through. She looked lost… alone, as empty as the atmosphere in the halls of the ship, keeping every crew member in their quarters like damn prisoners!

It’s not going to happen again. I’m the first officer, and human or not, I’m not going to allow anyone to undermine the captain’s authority again. We didn’t ply for a warrant of trade, the only means to gain freedom in a universe of locked status, only to have it taken away at every possible turn by someone who thinks their in the right. Captain’s ship, captain’s rules…

That being said, those damn Martians gave us one hell of a buyoff. Now I know what a Cadian Prostitute feels like. We did score some heavy hardware… should help us deal with any further “’problems”. I’ve got the manuals and I’ll begin simulation training immediately.

On a more somber note, the Captain had to put fang down. I gotta say looking back on it, I feel a mix of pity and … remorse mostly for the captain. I thought I’d be relieved but it just seems sad. I mean all the love the captain had (what little of it people would admit she had) she gave to Fang, a simple creature. Just like any pet, he had his problems and frankly, I think he would have worked out to be a good asset, assuming he picked up on fetching and learned to go on the newspaper.

I guess we just lost the most loyal member of the captain’s crew…

Cogboys set up the captain with a Cyber Mastiff as a form on consolation. It looks a lot like a pale metal replacement an since it’s cybernetic, I’ve no doubt Caellus already has some kind of kill switch or control override installed.

I wonder if I get to the Commissar and I pull the trigger, if I’ll feel the same way about all of this. I mean killing him won’t bring those men back. It would be a sweeter revenge to see an inquisitor rip his mind open and pull every last thought of treachery out of his skull. It might even save more lives. I don’t know…

Easy enough to say that I might just be a human, but I’m no grunt who’s just gonna lay down and die and take what’s thrown at me. Ave Imperator…

+ Deactivate Audio Record Subroutine +


Telin Ziruas

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